YSH- York Secret Helpers is not a Registered Charity. We are a group of volunteers who offer assistance to those in need. We make no personal gain from our services and only ask that you agree to the following with the assurance that we will follow our commitments in this agreement:-
You agree to the following:-
(1) You accept our assistance and will not sell on or attempt to profit from any items we gift to you.
(2) If items we gift to you you are not required now or in the future you will offer them back to us so that they can be used to assist others or you will gift them yourself to others in need.
(3) You will not attempt to undermine our services in person or on Social Media.
Our commitments to you:-
(1) Any personal or contact details we have for you will be kept in the strictest confidence in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation 2018.
(2) We will never pass your details on to any 3rd party unless we are forced to do so by legal request and only then in accordance with the GDPR 2018 regulations.
(3) We offer assistance without prejudice and without the expectation or reimbursement.
(4) Where deemed necessary we will take a photograph of this agreement but will exclude any identifying information in the photograph other than your name and  signature.
(5) If with your approval we take pictures of you or members of your family your faces will be obscured to preserve your dignity.


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